Kitten & Animal Rescue Advocates Inc
About Kitten Advocates, aka KARA

About Us
We are a small group of animal lovers that each works a full time job, then we band together and dedicate dozens of hours each week to the raising, caring for, and adopting out rescued animals, predominantly pregnant momma cats and their kittens.  On any given week we will nursing sick animals back to health, running around town to arrange adoptions, and in some instances driving a hundred miles to save pregnant mommas or their kittens from the dreaded E-List (euthanasia). We also help to trap feral or strays and have traps to lend out if you have a cat population problem in your neighborhood.

We are an all-volunteer public non-profit charity, which means we are 100 percent reliant on the generosity of donors, volunteers, and adopters.  We invest a significant amount in each animal and recap a portion of that investment through adoption fees, so any donations are welcome.

Contact Us 
EIN 82-1814987
We are a small 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization in the Goodyear/Avondale/Litchfield Park, Arizona area.  We are always looking for fosters and volunteers to help.