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Thank you for considering adoption of one of our sweet, well loved animals.  We painstakingly invest significant time with them so each kitty is healthy, socialized, happy, and good around other cats, dogs, and humans.  When you adopt one of our kitties you will get a pet that has been to the vet and is current on vaccinations, has been fed high quality food, and has a great personality.    
A downloadable Adoption Application is found on our Resources page

With all we pour into our animals, we do have a number of requirements from prospective adopters:

  • Indoor Only:  we will only adopt to homes that commit to keep the animal indoors only.  This will protect against accidental injury or worse, and in non-negotiable  
  • No Declawing: declawing a cat is painful and inhumane.  Essentially declawing is like breaking off the ends of one's fingers.  It should not be done, and this too is non-negotiable  
  • Kittens will be spayed/neutered:  per state law our animals must be fixed before adopting them, therefore they will be 12+ weeks old when they are ready for adoption  
  • Kittens are not held or reserved: All animals remain open for adoption until all required forms and completed, and associated fees are paid  
  • Rehoming through KARA: if an animal must be given up and rehomed, this must occur through our rescue, and a rehoming fee will apply  
  • Home Inspection:  KARA may require inspection of the adopter's home to make sure the environment is safe and healthy for the cat/kitten.  
KARA typically works closely with potential adopters to make sure kitties have the best possible environment to grow and flourish.  In the unusual situation where we have concerns about the future welfare of the animal, KARA reserves the right to refuse adoption at its sole discretion.
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 EIN 82-1814987

We are a small 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization in the Goodyear/Avondale/Litchfield Park, Arizona area.  We are always looking for fosters and volunteers to help.